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Small business owner Kirsi Kallio has been running Viialan Leipomo Bakery at its current location on Lindforsinkatu for two years now. The bakery will be celebrating its second birthday on Monday May 6th with coffee and cake on offer for approximately the first couple of hundred customers.

– Two years has gone by really quickly, it’s lovely to get to know people and see familiar faces every day, says Ms. Kallio. All products at Viialan Leipomo are handmade and use no artificial flavours or preservatives. The atmosphere has a comfortable, cozy feel and the homemade-style food is very reasonably priced. It’s terrific being able to pick out what you want from a line-up that is not quite uniform.

The premises are rented from the Tampere Pentecostal Church, whom also host an International Coffee House meeting at Viialan Leipomo every Friday from 7pm – 11pm. The Coffee House meeting has proved quite popular and has brought in new customers for Viialan Leipomo.

A typical purchase is coffee and a sweet bun, but also savoury foods such as the infamous lihapiirakka, a type of meat pie that is quite well described as a ‘meat doughnut’. It is also possible to buy a giant lihapiirakka, or a possumunkki, a jam-filled doughnut. While at first these giant versions may seem like a strange purchase, they are designed to be divided amongst several people and are often bought by customers to share at work or for a children’s birthday party.

Viialan Leipomo also make cakes to order, available for the following day. While they have a range to choose form, they are also able to prepare personalised cakes of any sort, almost anything you can dream up.

Liisa Hattinen

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