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Housing co-operatives usually have a few different rubbish bins available for separating and recycling waste. These bins often include one for paper, cardboard and biodegradable waste, in addition to the sekajäte bin, which means ‘mixed waste’ and is for most forms of refuse.

So where can you recycle things that there aren’t specific bins available for at your place of residence? Hervanta offers six Ekopiste recycling places where you can recycle substances such as glass and metal. To find the one closest to you, visit this website (in Finnish). Select what material you wish to recycle and type in your address. The site will provide a map showing the location closest to you.
– I always take my glass and metal to the Ekopiste, it’s easy because it’s so close to me, says TUT student Ngaia Te Kuiti.

Another common question is what to do with more unusual refuse, such as hazardous waste or furniture. A great website to visit (in English), which describes what waste needs to go where and how best to recycle. Hazardous waste should always be disposed of properly.
For example, medication should never just be thrown into the rubbish bin, it should always be returned to a pharmacy for proper disposal.

Shops that sell batteries will have a disposal box for used ones and things such as bullets and explosives may be taken to the police. Things that are too large or heavy for a rubbish bin need to be taken to the rubbish dump.
For things like furniture, appliances and building supplies, it is a good idea to find out first if there is someone that would still benefit from their use. For example, some recycling centres accept even broken appliances, which they then fix and sell.

Liisa Hattinen

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