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Jakelu: Hervanta, Kaukajärvi, Lukonmäki, Messukylä, Hallila, Vuores

Musti & Mirri, a name that roughly translates to ‘Fido & Fluffy’ in English, is a large pet store located on Lindforsinkatu in Hervanta. The whole store is a generous 750m², which encompasses a large range of pet foods, accessories for a variety of pets and an ample floor space which is used for various classes and activities. The reserved floor space is currently 160m² and expanding, with refurbishments expected to be complete by mid-April. The space is often rented out to groups and professionals that hold classes and training, for example show preparation, breed presentations and obedience training.
One current use of the space is for Pentujen puuhaperjantait, Puppy Group Friday, which is intended for the socialisation of young dogs and is open to all dogs under one year of age. Manager Tanja Väänänen explains:
– Puppy Group Friday is quite popular; on occasion we have had up to 25 puppies here.
For small puppies, approximately under 10kg, Puppy Group is from 4pm – 5pm on Fridays. Large puppies meet at 5pm – 7pm. For especially tiny puppies that are considerably smaller than the other dogs, a separate area is cordoned off. Socialisation is a very important aspect in the development of young dogs and Puppy Group Friday also welcomes those puppies that haven’t yet had all of their vaccinations. The environment is a safe one and there is no need to wait until your puppy is of a certain age.
Hervanta also offers two dog parks and one dog trail. Dog parks are a fenced in area where you may let your dog off the leash to run around and socialise with other dogs.

Liisa Hattinen

ImageM&Mdogs: The young and fuzzy participants at Puppy Group Friday at Musti & Mirri Hervanta. Image credit: Musti & Mirri Hervanta image archives

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